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How do I choose a wedding planner?

Check his personal portfolio, not pictures downloaded from Pinterest. Experience is key. Everyone has to start from somewhere obviously but if your wedding organizer does have the necessary knowledge and experience, excellent results won’t be a guarantee. Your wedding day is too important to risk anything going wrong. Whoever you may choose the price will vary according to their experience.

And of course, always prefer a local wedding planner! There is no point using a wedding planner from Athens to organize your wedding in Monemvasia or Crete. Who knows Crete better than a local? The cost of using a local wedding planner is also a lot lower. You want have to pay travelling expenses or even accommodation and food for him and his team. No one knows the right person to help out should the need arise better than a local wedding planner!!!

How much does the wedding decoration cost?

Prices vary. It mainly depends on the quality and the quantity of the materials. There are simple laces and embroided ones, tulle and gauze or even silk and velvet, simple and handmade lanterns, roses and orchids. There Is the girl working from her home with no experience and the specialized florist with a lot of projects under his belt. It would help if you had a budget in mind so that what the florist proposes is within that price range. It would save time! And most of all… Don’t cut corners on the wedding decorations. Pick the best wedding photographer. Pictures last forever.

When is the most popular time of the year to get married in Crete?

Between May and October is the most popular time of year to get married. The prices of our wedding packages don’t change throughout the whole summer season. As July and August are peak season months you can expect hotels & flights to be more expensive during this period. In any case, we organize weddings through the whole year.

How far in advance do I need to book?

Usually, booking is done 1 year in advance so that we can get the best vendor for your needs. Wedding in Crete generally requires a minimum of 2 months in advance due to legal papers (given that you supply us with the necessary within that time). Please note that it takes some time in your home country to organize all the paperwork, including Apostille stamp. For Vow renewal, we require a minimum of 3 days, given that the day chosen is available.

How quickly do we meet or see our wedding coordinator?

Wedding in Crete will contact you two days before your departure in order to arrange an appointment for the initial meeting. Usually, the meeting with your wedding planner takes place within the first 48 hours of your stay in order to have enough time for any possible changes or wishes.

May I get married on a weekend?

Most wedding ceremonies take place on Mondays to Fridays In Chania, within the town hall. Although the romantic ceremony on the beach may follow whenever you want, even on weekend but in this case, the charge differs and the wedding planner of Wedding in Crete needs to be informed early enough.

Do you take on weddings in Santorini?

Of course, we are destination wedding planners, we take on weddings in Santorini, Crete and other greek islands. We work with vendors in many of the greek islands, especially in Crete and Santorini.

Will our marriage be legally recognized in my home country?

Yes, with the exception of symbolic blessings, vows renewal that don’t need to be certified.

How do I post my documents to the wedding planners?

We recommend you to send all legal documents by secure way trackable post/courier service, on your charges.

Will there be other weddings on my wedding day?

Wedding in Crete offers a “one wedding per day” policy. Meaning that we book only one wedding per day in order to dedicate our full attention and best services to the couple.

When will we receive our marriage certificate?

Usually, the marriage certificate will be issued immediately after the wedding in Crete, although some town halls need a couple of days to issue it.

What Greek traditions can we incorporate into our wedding celebrations?

There are many Greek traditions you may choose for your wedding. Some ideas are traditional Greek wedding pastries called “xerotigana” for the wedding party, “bonbonieres” ( presents for guests) and the typical drink, raki, tsikoudia. The most desirable and important tradition in Crete ( Greek tradition in general ) are the wedding crowns ( stefana ), describing the ultimate symbolism of couple unity, traditional Cretan musicians may escort the couple on their way to the beach.

How will couple and guests get to the ceremony?

There are different transportation possibilities for your guests, depending on how close their accommodation is from the location. A partner of the Wedding in Crete, will escort them with a minibus on your demand and the couple may follow with its own means of transportation or we may rent any type of car (decorated, with chauffeur, carriage, donkey, horse, helicopter, boat, use your imagination in general) on your demand.

Do we have to have a maid of honor?

Of course, you may have at your ceremony on the beach but in the town hall, there must be two persons present at your civil marriage to act as witnesses. We can provide you with witnesses if necessary.

May I change a confirmed wedding date?

It is possible to change a confirmed date but there will apply amendment charges of approximate 100 Euros, for amendments to wedding dates.

Will my ceremony be conducted in my language?

In Greece the law requires the registrar to perform the ceremony in Greek, this will then be spoken in English by a translator for you to understand. If you wish the ceremony to be translated in any other language please inform us (extra charges may apply). Vow renewal is performed in English (on request and extra charges)

How do we pay?

Our payments are usually received in three installments: a 25% retaining fee upon fixing a wedding date, in a Town Hall together with a fully binding contract, 5 weeks before the ceremony another 35% and the rest 40% at your arrival in Chania, on our first meeting. The payments are made directly to our bank account.

May I create my own wedding package?

You may create your own package preference via the specific form we provide you in our Wedding in Crete professional site…..we offer…

Why should we choose “Wedding in Crete”?

We are local. We know our island, the best vendors, they know us and we know them, personally. We know all the secret spots. We are florists, we design everything you might need for your wedding decoration ourselves. We attend wedding expos in both Greece and abroad. And of course, we have over 20 years of experience.

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