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All are welcome! For us, all people are equal, we welcome them and therefore we try to create those conditions that will make them feel comfortable in our country. We design symbolic wedding ceremonies, vows renewals….anything you have imagined…as you have imagined it!

Symbolic Weddings

We are waiting for you in Chania to plan your very own symbolic wedding. With the view of the endless blue, the crystal clear waters of the Aegean sea and the majestic sunset. You can create your own package choosing from the services available in each category. It will be our pleasure to assist you in any way.

Civil Weddings

Our company, “Wedding in Crete” handles all documents necessary for your civil wedding in Crete. We undertake the issuance of the licenses, the translations, the booking of the wedding ceremony at the Civil Marriages Office of the Municipality and the Decentralized Administration office of Crete, and after the wedding ceremony, we help you obtain all the documents needed so that your marriage is legal in your country.

Wedding proposals

Surprise your partner!
Live an unforgettable moment in Crete. Do propose! Once you propose at your favorite spot in Crete, you’ll have a lifetime memory to remember! Let us plan everything for you with just 2 days’ notice!

Do you want cake, champagne, fireworks, a horse carriage or a helicopter ride? We have everything! Just make your decision and leave everything else to our experience! And your holidays in Crete will be unforgettable…We will also be happy to see you coming back here next year….at your wedding!

Ceremony decoration

Wedding in Crete! Wedding in Chania! In our workshop, in the Village of Arts, Souda, we create unique decorations for your wedding. Pieces like fresh flowers, brides’ bouquets, handmade wreaths and ‘bobonieres’ (wedding sugared almonds – a treat for guests) will make your wedding seem like a fairy tale. Wedding in Chania… only handmade!

Wedding at a church

Orthodox, Catholics, Protestants … . The options are endless in the churches here in Crete. We organize the ceremony and the wedding reception , the decoration and anything else a marriage requires . Contact us to send you the list of documents you need.

Group weddings

We design group weddings for couples, mainly from China and Russia, who choose Crete for their wedding overlooking the Aegean Sea and the Sea of Crete. You can choose yourself, through social networking sites, couples who would like to live this experience with you.

Vow Renewals

Renewing your vows after years of being married? A perfect way to prove your endless love is renewing your vows surrounded by a romantic setting in Crete. Contact us well in advance so that we can organise the ceremony of your dreams, exactly like you have imagined it! Even If you visit Crete for holidays and you decide to renew your vows, without having done any preparation at all, “Wedding in Crete” is quite capable of organizing your Vows Renewal the last minute in a fairytale way. In just 2 days’ notice! Do not forget that a Vow Renewal may be the best present for a marriage anniversary. Let your love be stronger than years passing by. Do it again with Wedding in Crete! Relive the dream in Crete!

Handmade decoration

One of the most important elements in planning a wedding is decoration. We ourselves are florists, who can create anything for you! Olives, pomegranates, lavender, wild flowers, shells and branches, anything from our Cretan earth can inspire us. We do not just suggest decoration packages, but we design the one that is best suited to you and the location where the ceremony takes place. For example, impressive decoration with exotic flowers is more appropriate in a luxury hotel than on the mountain.


Do you want to give and exchange your promise of marriage? Do you want to express how strong your feelings for each other are? Do you want to vow eternal love? Do you want to make a marriage proposal before a unique Cretan sunset ? Let us choose the perfect spot for you to do so, by the seaside and the crystal clear waters of Crete, a place by the beach at the Mediterranean sunset, full of hundreds of candles, flowers …. champagne …. cake and sweets and just one promise for life…. to stay together forever!

Restaurant Ceremony

Cretan gastronomy is world widely renowned for its exceptional ingredients and imaginative combinations of flavors. Our suggestions range from classic local taverns next to the foaming sea waves, to luxury hotels with awarded chefs, beach bars and local taverns in villages only we know about. You may ask for the menus!

Ceremony at accommodation place

Your villa would be a marvelous location for your ceremony!Look here for your accommodation in Crete We are in charge of the catering services; we can also appoint a chef or a cook to prepare various local delicacies or even a sommelier to recommend the best wine. We will bring tables, chairs, sets, everything!

Wedding party and ceremony at the same place

For the wedding party to take place where the ceremony is held, a special permit is required, so you will have to make the request in time. We can organize the party in cooperation with a dj, bar tender and catering services, alongside the cuisine of your preference. Local food is recommended!

Reconnecting families (Reunion)

Many families honour Greece by choosing to meet here. Family members living in different countries all around the world make an appointment in Crete. We organize a warm welcoming at the airport on each arrival , we book a chef to cook some local food at your villa, we send reunion greetings to the sky with flying lanterns.

Birthday party

Celebrate your birthday! Here! In Crete! Treat yourself to a personal yoga class for true relaxation, a massage at your place or at the beach , a night swim in the sea , a cake … Let us organise everything for you, while you’re enjoying an unforgettable birthday party with your friends . Here! On our island!

Romantic picnic

Choose a romantic picnic for relaxation… a gift to yourself or a marriage proposal. Just like that…. A blanket, two pillows, some wine, appetizers, candles and why not a musician playing the guitar just for you two.

Tailor made ceremonies

We have no standard packages. The wedding is specially designed for you. According to your needs, your style and aesthetics, and the money you want to spend . Select from the category “we offer” and let us plan your wedding in Crete.

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