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Roxane & Philip

Roxane & Philip

Eco-friendly boho wedding

The best way to combine a Greek orthodox with a Persian wedding
Roxane and Philip travelled from distant Australia to bond in holy matrimony at the groom’s place of origin, choosing one of the most romantic churches of Chania for their orthodox ceremony. Persian customs to honour the origin of the bride were not left out.
The bride got ready in a beautiful boutique hotel at the Venetian port of Chania, which overlooked the sea. She chose a marvellous gown in a simple line and an ethereal chiffon skirt, while her makeup elegantly complemented her look with earthy touches that matched perfectly the style of the wedding.
We had to book 5 hairdressers for this wedding to do the hair of all friends of the bride and 2 photographers to capture every moment of the couple’s preparation, the wedding ceremony and the wedding party.
The couple chose earthy tones for their decoration, with exotic and rarely-seen flowers placed in small bottles. They chose a boho style reception venue for their wedding in Crete, located at a beautiful beach of Chania with golden sand and clear blue waters. The venue was complemented elegantly by fairylights hanging from the roof. Fairy lights also covered all 5 trees around the restaurant. Exquisite golden cutlery, crystal glasses and linen tablecloths gave the venue a boho elegant touch.

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Their fabulous wedding in Crete stood out for its cocktail van and hookah corner. The eye-catchers was a lovely donkey that old and young alike want to take a photo with, as well as the Cadillac that carried the couple to the chapel and the reception venue. The guests had the best time dancing syrtaki with Cretan dancers and breaking dishes as is the Greek custom, having drinks all night served by the Premium open bar.
The couple recently gave birth to a beautiful little girl, Helena. Although we haven’t seen her yet as they live in Australia, we get the chance to admire her on Instagram and we feel like she is one of our own!

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Roxane & Philip

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