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Crete Elopement on the Beach

Crete Elopement on the Beach

From China to Greece

Originally from China, Yuci and Charles live in London. They came to Crete for a symbolic ceremony on the beach without any guests. The wedding ceremony involved two magnificent horses that the bride was photographed with and an arch decorated with abundant artificial flowers according to the bride’s wish.
In Chinese weddings, it is common for the bride to wear three different bridal dresses.
A top professional hairdresser stood by at the couple’s villa to change the bride’s hairstyle every time she would change her dress. A professional driver carried them from the villa to the venue and back to the villa to change dress and hairstyle, do a photoshoot, change again and finally drive the coupe to the luxury seaside restaurant that had been reserved exclusively for the couple. No other guest was around. Two waiters were all the time next to the couple, serving them a large variety of gourmet dishes.

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At the end of the dinner, the groom asked for 6 extra champagne glasses.

We were then amazed to see Charles ask the team of photographers, video artists, planners and driver to have champagne with him and Yuci.
Yuci and Charles left Crete for their honeymoon in Santorini on the next day. They left a note thanking the entire team that had planned their wedding and had made their dream of a fairy-tale wedding in Crete come true.

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Crete Elopement on the Beach

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